There are many exciting events happening at White Oak Primary School. This Friday, our White Oak Roughnecks will be playing in the semi-finals at Eagle Stadium in Allen at 7:30 pm. We will be dismissing school at 1:30. There will be a community wide send-off at 2:30 on White Oak Rd. If you are interested, The White Oak Exes. Assoc will be hosting 2 charter buses to travel to the event. To ride, you will pay $10 when you enter the bus and it is available for anyone over the age of 14. GO ROUGHNECKS!
Next week:
Monday – Pajama day for grades PK,K, and 2. First grade will have “Grinch” day and encourage students to wear green.
Wednesday – At 9:00, Artsview will be presenting a Christmas program to our students in the auditorium
Thursday – Early dismiss at 11:00 – hopefully playing in the state final at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington at 5:00
Friday – Early dismiss at 11:00 – all Christmas parties at 9:00.
I wish you all a very safe, happy, and joy filled Christmas and New Year!
School resumes on January 6th!

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Happy fall at White Oak Primary

The weather is changing and we have many fun events and activities happening at White Oak Primary School. It is “Fire Prevention Week” and our students are participating in activities to increase their safety knowledge about fire.
We are preparing for “Red Ribbon Week” which will be the last week of the month. Daily themed activities will be:
Monday, Oct. 28 – I BELIEVE in me (wear red)
Tuesday, Oct. 29 – Be SUPER! Don’t do drugs! (dress like your favorite hero)
Wed., Oct. 30 – Smart is the new cool! (dress “cool”)THIS IS ALSO AN EARLY DISMISSAL DAY – 11:30
Thursday, Oct. 31 – Doing drugs will haunt your life! (wear Halloween costumes) – must be dress code appropriate and no props or masks
Friday, Nov. 1 – Don’t let drugs drill your brain! (wear maroon and white)

Thank you all for your help and support during the “Coins for Cancer” campaign. Our school raised over $4,200.00 to help a colleague that is battling the disease.

The weather is getting cooler and students are starting to bring jackets or coats. PLEASE label your child’s jacket or coat. We have hundreds of very nice jackets, coats, hoodies, and windbreakers left in lost in found each year. Also, please encourage your child to make sure they bring their jacket home each afternoon. It is much easier to find them before leaving school in the afternoon.

Thank you for all you do to support our school and our students. Several of our Limeades for Learning projects have already been funded.
Happy fall!!!!

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End of School-Year

Dear Parents,
The 2012-2013 School-year is coming to a close. White Oak, as a district, has experienced great success this year. We are already making plans for next school year. Thank you for sharing your child with us. It is a blessing to get to spend each day with them. I wish you a very safe and fun filled summer. Please continue reading and problem solving with your children every night and take an opportunity to visit the White Oak School/Community library. They offer many fun literacy activities in the summer. Coach Stanford sent the following football camp information for boys:

The 2013-2014
Football Camp information

White Oak Football Camp
Entering Grades K-9th
June 4, 5, and 6
10:00 am -12:00 pm
Roughneck Stadium

May 30 and 31st will both be early dismissal days (11:00.)
Registration for next school year will be – Aug. 6th – new students and Aug. 7th – returning students.

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I know that you have seen the chocolate fundraiser packets that came home earlier in the week. We sincerly appreciate your support, as this is the largest fundraiser that we do on the elementary campus. We use the funds from this fundraiser to buy technology tools, books for our literacy library, and equipment to be used in classrooms. I encouraged our students to remember that safety comes first and to only sell to friends and family.
Another fundraiser that we will be doing next week is “Coins for Camryn.” This will be for the benefit on Camryn Noll. I sent home a note on pink paper yesterday that describes the campaign and information about baby Camryn.
Thank you again for your support of our school and community members! White Oak is a very special place.

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Happy 2013

It was great to welcome our students back to school today. The spring semester is always one in which we see tremendous academic growth in our young students. It is our first priority to help our students feel safe at school so that they can learn and reach their full potential. Our superintentent met with a group of citizens, law enforcements agencies, and educators yeasterday about the issue of school safety. White Oak I.S.D. will continue to work to make our school as safe as we possibly can. If you come to eat lunch or pick up your child early in the office, please be prepared to scan your drivers license. We appreciate your support!

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School Safety Concerns

Please see the attached post from White Oak I.S.D. Superintendent, Michael Gilbert.

Many of you have concerns about the safety of the students, faculty and staff at White Oak ISD. Recent events in Newtown, Connecticut are a stark reminder that evil exist in the world and even our most precious treasures (children) are not immune to its brutal intentions. I would like to provide you with information about some of the precautions and procedures in place at WOISD to help ensure the safety of all involved in the education of our children.

White Oak ISD is comprised of buildings constructed from 1945 through 1981. Most of these structures were built without modern security measures in mind. The district is making a concentrated effort to ensure student safety while maintaining an environment that is not perceived to be punitive in nature. Here are some of the measures in place:

• Every entrance and parent pick/drop off area at every campus is monitored with cameras (day and night vision) recorded and archived. Each campus will receive additional cameras in the next few weeks to cover hallways and parking lots. These cameras can be monitored through the web at off campus locations.
• White Oak ISD has emergency procedures in place for room, building and district wide evacuation that are coordinated with White Oak PD and Fire Department. All campuses are drilled on evacuation and shelter in place procedures. This safety plan is sent to the Texas Attorney Generals office for review each year.
• Police, Fire and Medical first responders are literally seconds away for every campus in the district. All of these agencies have an intricate knowledge of the campuses and the procedures in place at the district. All of these personnel are on the grounds of the district regularly.
• Should the need arise for assistance from agencies outside the White Oak PD, the knowledge of these officers will be invaluable in the process of regaining order.
• The first line of security in our district has been and will continue to be an actively monitoring faculty, staff and administration. It is correct that someone may, by design, think they can enter one of our buildings and get into areas without challenge. I will say that that is not true in practice. Teachers, staff and administrators are very consistent to welcome visitors and direct them to the proper location to check-in. You will find, in practice, that our adults are where the children are located.

Please know that these procedures do not give any member of this district a false sense of security. We are constantly looking for ways to better protect our students and continue with the goal of providing a first class education to all of our students. The safety of our students will most certainly be discussed at the next School Board Meeting.
There is no doubt that steps can be taken to improve the safety of any location, school or otherwise. As you know, the campus that was attacked in Newtown had what is considered to be an up to date secure entrance system. A lone lunatic, with intent to do harm, found a way in despite those measures.

I do believe that a reasonable measure of security is in place for the students, faculty and staff at White Oak ISD. The facts are that students, across the country, and in White Oak, are much safer in school and on the school bus than they are in their own homes and personal vehicles. It is my hope that the information provided is beneficial to you and your family.

Michael Gilbert, Superintendent
White Oak ISD

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December and holiday happenings

It is very hard to believe that we are are drawing close to the end of our first semester. Our teachers and students are working hard and looking forward to the holiday break. I want to take this time to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. It is at this time of year that I like to reflect on the blessings in my life. I am certainly thankful that I get to come to work each day at White Oak I.S.D. Our students are truly outstanding!
upcoming events:
December 20th – 11:00 dismissal
December 21st – 9:00-10:00 Christmas parties, 10:00 lunch, 11:00 dismissal
January 7th – Welcome back to school, 2013


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Exciting Events at White Oak Primary School

Thank you to all of our parents who were able to come to parent conferences. Communication is key in preparing your child for school success. Next week will be a very exciting week for our students. It is “Red Ribbon Week,” Halloween, and White Oak Homecoming. The theme this year for “Red Ribbon Week” is “The Best Me is Drug Free!” Activities will include:
Monday, Oct. 29 – Sock it to drugs!! – Wear crazy socks.
Tuesday, Oct. 30 – Use your head and don’t do drugs! – Wear a cap or hat.
Wednesday, Oct. 31 – Spook out drugs! – Wear a Halloween costume. (No masks or handheld props allowed. Costumes must follow the dress code found on page 7 in the student planner. This is not a student party day – please do not send Halloween food or snacks.
Thurs., Nov. 1 – Shade out drugs! – Wear sunglasses.
Fri., Nov. 2 – White Oak Pride Day – wear maroon and white
Fiday, Nov. 2nd is also the beginning of our White Oak Homecoming activities. Students may wear mums and garters to school but will take them off in their classroom and put them back on before the end of the day. This will allow for less distraction and to protect the expensive mums and garters.

We hope you will encourage your child to participate in these drug free awareness activities and to experience the pride and tradition of White Oak Homecoming activities.

Happy Fall!!

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White Oak Primary – We Are All In ThisTogether!

We are off and running with a great start to our 2012-2013 school year. Our students are learning to read, write, and problem solve in many situations. They are learning classroom and schoolwide expectations called “CHAMPs.” In other words, we are very busy. This year, White Oak ISD has been recognized as the winner of the class 2A “Lone Star Cup.” We are very proud of our students. The pride, tradition, and excellence starts in primary school. We have scheduled parent conferences in order to help familiarize parents with school routines. Kindergarten parent orientation was last week. We had many in attendance and it was a great success. Second grade parent orientation is tonight at 5:30 and first grade is Monday night. We look forward to seeing you there.
One of our primary goals is to make sure that our students are safe at school. This year, we have several students that are severely allergic to peanuts. Our school is not a “peanut free” zone but we are asking for your help. If your child brings a lunch from home and you are able to send items that are free of peanuts and/or peanut oil; we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for allowing us the privilege of teaching your children. GO ROUGHNECKS!

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